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Part of what makes membership at a private club different from just "playing golf" is the ability to simply show up and find a fun game.  No more chasing down friends to play each week.  No more battling the online discount engines to find the time you want so that you can play in 5+ hours on a golf course that may or may not be in great condition.  Once you join, you'll have a stacked calendar of annual events and regular weekly games to enjoy.  Check out our quick overview below to learn more.

Major Men's Events

  • The Elcona Opening Event, typically hosted in May
  • The Spring Member/Guest, 9-Hole Matches
  • The Men’s Buddy
  • The Men's Invitational, the four-day Member-Guest in late July that is the largest, most prestigious event at the Club
  • The Men’s Club Championship, a 2-day event each August

Major Ladies’ Events

  • The Spring Buddy & Fall Buddy Tournaments
  • The Natalie Sims Tournament, one of the longest running and most well-attended ladies event
  • The Ladies Club Championship, a battle for net and gross supremacy in August
  • The Husband & Wife Club Championship, hosted every July

Weekly Games

  • Ladies’ 18-Hole League on Tuesdays
  • Men's Night Out League Wednesdays
  • Ladies’ 9-Hole League on Thursdays
  • Informal games are also organized daily, and all members are welcome

Regardless of your ability, our team will help find you a regular game at Elcona to best suit your tastes.  The above is just a quick snapshot.  There are additional men's events, senior events, couples events, junior events, and, of course, a wide array of social options.


2015 Golf Calendar Coming Soon!