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Our classic golf course places certain demands on a player. Fortunately, membership at Elcona Country Club is a straightforward affair. We offer a number of options to fit your lifestyle.

If private club membership is something you are considering, we can assure you that the financial commitment will not prohibit you from becoming a part of Elcona Country Club. Fundamental to our Club's sustainability has been its affordability, and we are confident you will be pleasantly surprised to learn just how accessible private club life can be.

Regular (41 years and older) & Junior (18 - 40)
Includes complete access to all amenities at the Club (golf, practice facility, clubhouse, social, dining, pool, hiking trails and tennis).  Regular includes eligibility to hold office and full voting rights; Junior does not.

Associate and Nonresident
Includes limited golf and full access to practice facility, clubhouse, social, dining, pool, hiking trails, and tennis.

Includes full clubhouse, social, and dining.


Elcona Country Club is a Member owned and operated private facility with access limited to Members and guests of Members. Ultimately, if you want to know if Elcona Country Club is a fit for you and your family, we encourage you to come visit. We will tour you through the facility, introduce you to some other Members, walk you through the financial requirements, and then you can decide if the Club is right for you. To schedule your visit, please contact Jodi Aker at 574-295-6373 or